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Study: Blueberries & Probiotics Help Counteract Intestinal Diseases

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

A clinical study, conducted at Lund University in Sweden, shows that eating blueberries can ease and protect against intestinal irritation [1]. They also found that these beneficial effects on the body are increased by the consumption of probiotic bacteria along with the berries.

The two researchers, Camilla Bränning and Åsa Håkansson, have found that when taken together, blueberries and common strains of probiotic bacteria performed better than either did when tested alone. They also found this combination to be more effective in fighting the symptoms of intestinal disease than probiotics paired with other types of dietary fiber such as oat and rye bran.

They theorize that this is because blueberries have strong antioxidative properties that many other fiber-rich foods, particularly grains, lack. These qualities give blueberries a somewhat unique ability to ward off irritation caused by harmful organisms that irritate the lining of the intestines. This, in turn, allows naturally occurring beneficial flora as well as transient probiotics to better colonize the intestines.

Another advantage of combining blueberries with probiotics is a noticeable increase in specialized acids that are formed by soluble fiber as it is dissolved in the intestines and enters the bloodstream. These acids, known as butyric and propionic acids, are a well-known source of essential energy for the intestinal cells.

The humble blueberry's ability to help the body heal and revitalize delicate intestinal tissue is an impressive feat on its own, but the benefits it offers when combined with a good probiotic are simply amazing.

If you're already a fan of blueberries, and are looking for an all-natural probiotic supplement to help counteract the symptoms of intestinal disease, I strongly recommend that you give Latero-Flora™ a try. Its unique formula is a safe, proven way to help your body maintain its natural digestive balance.

This new research only reinforces the importance of eating healthful, nutritious foods such as blueberries. It also reminds us of the importance of maintaining a digestive environment that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

By supplementing a proper diet with a high-quality probiotic, not only can you help to ensure that your body gets the absolute most out of the foods you eat, you can also combat the symptoms of intestinal disease.

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  1. Camilla Branning PhD. Blueberries counteract intestinal diseases. Lund University. 2010 February 8.

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