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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, impaired verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, and repetitive and restrictive behaviors. Studies indicate that one out of 68 children have some form of ASD, and males are four times as likely to have this type of disorder as females. [1] Today, autism affects more than three million Americans and tens of millions of people worldwide. As rates of autism continue to climb, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there are a number of modern factors that may be […]

In a short period of time, we've come a long way in understanding and recognizing the health dangers of mercury. It wasn't but just a generation or two ago that nearly every kid in school played with mercury in science class. Now, fortunately, we understand its danger and are a little less flagrant... but not completely. Mercury continues to be a serious health danger; let's take a look at five scary truths about mercury. (more…)

Brahmi, or Bacopa monnieri, is a therapeutic plant used in Ayurveda for many purposes. Modern research has even begun to evaluate Brahmi's role against several neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. Although we need to be clear that Brahmi isn't a cure or treatment for any of these health issues, supplementation with the herb has been evaluated and the results are interesting discussion nonetheless. (more…)

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, is a behavioral-modification technique used by psychiatrists, medical physicians, hypnotherapists, and general counselors. Neuro-linguistic programming was invented and introduced during the 1970's and remains a popular, supplemental tool for initiating positive, personal change. (more…)

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It's always important to take care of your body, but that's even more true as we get older. Age influences the way our bodies work, and this applies to both women and men. Age can affect mental health, metabolism, sleep cycles, sex drive, and much more. I hosted this webinar to cover natural anti-aging solutions. It will teach you about the science of aging and the best natural solutions to deal with its effects. This is a life lesson that everyone should hear. Learn new, groundbreaking information and get practical […]