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Let's be clear, herbicides and pesticides are poisons. Herbicides are intended to control unwanted plants; pesticides are used to control unwanted pests. This is accomplished by killing the already present weeds, insects, or otherwise, or by making the environment inhospitable to them. It's a destructive process that involves harsh, toxic, polluting chemicals. (more…)

Nobody enjoys a visit to the dentist. It's the sort of thing most of us go well out of our way to avoid whenever possible. There are times, however, when even the most vigilant daily flossers have no choice but to bite the bullet and go visit the dentist. (more…)

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As most of us know, a new world of commerce and technology has been born with the advent of Google and Facebook, the iPhone and Android. In this context, I would like to introduce you to www.nutraspace.com, a new social network/search engine/real-time-news platform that caters exclusively to the health, wellness, nutrition and complementary-and-alternative medicine market. (more…)

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The World Research Foundation (www.wrf.org) provides comprehensive information on allopathic and alternative medicine techniques. Much of the information they release has been suppressed and is very difficult to find.  Now, with the power of technology, they are releasing a mountain of valuable information that has been suppressed, silenced, or lost so that it may again be spread and utilized by the natural medicine community. Much of the information and techniques featured on their website are not available anywhere else, (more…)

Faith in your doctor or health care provider's ability to safely administer quality medical attention is not something to be taken for granted. These are the men and women we turn to when our health is at its worst. Whether it's a bad case of the flu, a broken bone, or the birth of a new child, we want them to be there for us when we really need them. (more…)