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Join Me for the 2015 Healthy Gut Summit!

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Healthy Gut Summit

I'm excited to join over 30 of the world's most beloved and respected thought leaders and physicians for the 2015 Healthy Gut Summit! Free and online from February 9-16, 2015, the Healthy Gut Summit will feature Donna Gates in one-on-one interviews with leading experts who'll share fascinating new insights and research on how gut health impacts our most basic physiological processes, including how we think and feel. This'll truly provide a foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

What You'll Learn

Donna and I had a great conversation about the keys to restoring digestive health and the best ways to detox your digestive system. This is news nearly everyone needs; did you know over 70 million people suffer from digestive diseases in the United States alone right now? We'll get into:

  • Reactivate your self-healing mechanism in your digestive system
  • Cleansing the digestive tract to release toxins
  • Detoxing from chemicals, GMOs and toxins

Who Else Will Be Speaking?

32 world-renowned experts in one place, online and free, including:

  • Rob Knight PhD.
  • Chris Meletis ND
  • Stephen Olmstead MD
  • Todd Lepine MD
  • Patrick Hanaway MD
  • JJ Virgin
  • Leonard Smith MD
  • Mark Hyman MD
  • Ann Louise Gittleman PhD
  • Dr. Josh Axe
  • ...and more!

Where Can You Register?

Register right here. The Healthy Gut Summit begins on Monday, February 9th, so don't delay!

The Origin of the Healthy Gut Summit

Donna Gates created The Healthy Gut Summit out of a growing need to provide answers to the millions of people who are spending a lot to time and money on their health, yet are even more confused than ever before. There is so much conflicting information around – in books, online, in the media – how can anyone be certain about anything anymore? When you are on a quest to create health, happiness or a long enjoyable life you have to start somewhere. The Healthy Gut Summit is a great place to start!

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