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If you’ve been reading this blog for quite a while, you’re probably already familiar with the wonderful benefits and uses of turmeric. Research on this ancient spice commonly used in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic practices continues to mount, establishing it as protective of the cardiovascular system,[1] supporter of healthy cholesterol levels,[2] and a potent free radical scavenger.[3] Turmeric may keep you looking young, possibly slowing down the rate at which the skin ages. Is it time to start adding this yellow spice to your beauty regimen? (more…)

The aging process is often perceived as an unavoidable decline in mental health and overall physical strength and well-being. While this can be a stark reality to some people, especially those that have neglected their health throughout their lives, this doesn't have to be the case for the rest of us. In fact, certain lifestyle modifications and natural alternatives may help you avoid, and possibly reverse, age-related health decline. One natural anti-aging tool is Mucuna pruriens, a well-known therapeutic plant that is quickly gaining popularity in the anti-aging research field. […]

Using hormones to combat age-related hormonal shifts sounds a bit like using a sledgehammer to drive a nail into a piece of wood. Yes, the nail will go through, but at what cost? Hormones control practically every function, mechanism, and metabolic reaction in our body. Science has shown just how powerful hormones are for affecting every aspect of health, including cardiovascular, mood, cognitive function, and even digestion. (more…)

Although no one has quite discovered an answer to the aging process, the quest for the fountain of youth continues to be pursued by many. The rise of nutritional supplements on the market directly reflects the increasing desire of consumers to appear and feel younger. Many of these supplements are used to support energy, vitality, and beauty, yet most of them fail to realize the one important youth-supporting compound available in each and every one of us — glutathione. (more…)

Menopause is a major change in a woman's life. It’s marked by a cessation of menstrual cycles and a rise of physical symptoms – hot flashes, decreased energy, and depressed mood, just to name a few. [1] Modern medicine has medicalized this natural experience, turning it into a diagnosable disease that can be remedied with pharmaceuticals and hormone therapies. But here is the stark truth: menopause is not a disease. Despite initial discomforts, which are often temporary and manageable, this natural transition can be a liberating experience. (more…)