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Pesticides Bug Me: An Organic Awareness Campaign By CCOF

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Pesticides Bug Me

Many of you may already know, but our farm, Earth Harmony Organics, is certified organic by CCOF. As a contributing member, I frequently visit CCOF.org to get the latest organic news and check out their ever-growing list of resources.

I was pleased to see a new campaign that they recently started called "Pesticides Bug Me". The goal is to educate the public about the detrimental effects of pesticides and to encourage consumers to buy certified organic products, helping to keep toxic pesticides out of their food and the environment. By raising awareness on this important issue, we can help wipe out the devastating effects of these toxic chemicals, save our planet and protect our health.

Executive Director of CCOF, Cathy Calfo:

"At CCOF we don't want to live in a world with unhealthy people and no bees. By purchasing certified organic and looking for the USDA label, consumers can make sure that they are buying clean, safe food."

If pesticides bug you like they bug me and you are looking for a great cause to support, this may be the perfect fit. Right now, CCOF is accepting donations through their web site to the "Pesticides Bug Me" campaign. All donations will help support their non-profit efforts to certify organic products throughout the United States.

Remember, too, that buying certified organic products supports not only certifying agencies but organic farmers and distributors of organic produce, helping them to stay in business and increase the amount of land that is farmed using organic methods.

We understand if you can't donate anything, as money is pretty tight for many people right now. You should at least check out CCOF's site. They are one of the best resources for anybody looking to learn more about avoiding harmful chemicals in their food. Next time one of your friends or family members asks why you spend extra money on that carton of certified organic strawberries you'll be able to rattle off some compelling facts about why, in the words of CCOF, "pesticides are scary stuff."

CCOF T-Shirt Design Contest

As a part of their awareness campaign, CCOF is holding a t-shirt design contest for artists and graphic designers. They are accepting submissions from now until October 17, 2011. The winner will receive $250, inclusion of their artwork on the official "Pesticides Bug Me" t-shirt and be listed as an official graphic designer on the CCOF web site so that any members of the organic community needing design work can find you easily.

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