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As the third leading cause of death in the United States, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, probably affects – or will affect – someone you know. While COPD may not be highly profiled as heart disease or cancer, it’s still one of the most prevalent and deadly conditions today. In order to fight against the development of COPD and support your lung health, you should educate yourself on its facts, causes, and symptoms. (more…)

Many of us would agree there’s nothing worse than difficulty breathing, and while there are many conditions out there, I want to talk to you today about asthma. A terrible respiratory condition, it can greatly affect one’s quality of life. If you’re living with asthma, it’s likely you already know your triggers, but there might be some things you weren’t aware of. Perhaps you’ve been newly diagnosed and wish to keep attacks at a minimum. That said, here are 6 avoidable risk factors I want to share with you. (more…)

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Vitamin C is often thought of as a sort of wonder supplement many of us turn to it when we start to feel sick. Whether it’s orange juice to ease a cold, or fizzy tablets as a pre-flight precaution, vitamin C is there when we need it. While it’s also no secret that children can benefit from vitamin C just as much as adults, new medical findings could mean that, for some kids, its effects are literally life changing. (more…)

In yesterday’s post about water pollution, I talked about 7 things you might not know about the disastrous state of our water supply. Water, along with food and air, is a basic necessity. Without clean sources our health and environment suffers. Unfortunately, pollution is everywhere — even in the air we breathe and poor air quality causes a number of health concerns. Air Pollution: 8 Things You Should Know Air pollution has many sources – cigarette smoke, automobiles, and industrial chemicals are only a few things that pollute the air […]