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Sign the Petition to Support Healthy and Sustainable Organic Farming

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder
environmental working group

I received an email from my friends at The Corse Farm in Whitingham, Vermont. They've been in operation since 1868 and have been using responsible, sustainable methods for a number of years. As you probably know, many organic farms are small, family run operations that do not have the deep pockets that the large, corporate-conglomerate farming operations do. They are organizing a trip to Washington to join Environmental Working Group and Organic Valley to fight for a farm bill that's about expanding access to healthy, affordable food for everyone.?

We all need the next farm bill to support organic agriculture and reward good land stewardship. If this is a cause you believe in, show your support and add your name to EWG's petition today. You can sign and view the details here. Let's make our voices heard and ensure that government works for all of us.

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