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Study Reveals Two Wildflowers Are “Highly Effective” at Killing MRSA

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Elecampane Wildflowers and MRSA

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), extracts from two wildflowers, Elecampane and Pulsatilla vulgaris, are highly effective in killing the MRSA superbug.

The superbug, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium that is the root cause for many infections in humans. MRSA can be very difficult to treat because it's resistant to many antibiotics. MRSA is especially troublesome in hospitals, where, if the proper procedures are not carried out, staff may transfer bacteria from one patient to another.

MRSA has been a serious concern in hospitals and other institutions such as prisons and schools. Due to the continually rotating population in a prison, combined with regular poor health, staph cases have become more and more prevalent.

The CIT researchers found that Elecampane, also called Horse-heal (Inula helenium) or Marchalan, is 100% effective against MRSA colonies. The second flower, Pulsatilla Vulgaris, also known as Dane’s Blood or Pasque flower, was also "highly effective" against MRSA. The pair of wildflowers was tested against 300 different varieties of staphylococci bacteria, commonly known as Staph. The Pulsatilla vulgaris (Dane's Blood) belongs to the Buttercup family. Unlike its cousin's yellow petals, Dane's Blood has purple droopy flowers. The Elecampane appears in many gardens throughout Great Britain, but ranges as far eastwards as the Himalayas.

Pulsatilla Vulgaris and MRSA

In an article written in the Corrections Connection Network News [CCNN] [1], writer Ann Coppola pointed to Tulsa County Jail in Oklahoma, which suffered from an average of twelve staph cases per month.

These wildflowers represent a significant weapon in the battle to fight the staph infections that are present in prisons, schools and hospitals. Harvesting the extracts from young wildflowers, 3 years old or less, provides optimal potency.

I have personally recommended easy and cost effective techniques to eliminate the MRSA strain from hospitals, schools and prisons using air purification systems and cleaning with hydrogen peroxide or a silver solution.

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