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The Health Benefits of Tienchi Ginseng Root

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Ginseng Root

If you’re familiar with natural health, chances are you’ve heard about ginseng. Bud do you know that there are different types of ginseng? Also called Panax notoginseng, Tienchi ginseng is just one type and it promotes health and energy in a similar fashion as American ginseng, Eleuthero, and Jiaogulan. It should be noted, however, that it works very differently from the others, and that's just one reason why it’s so highly valued.

What Makes Tienchi Ginseng Potent

Tienchi ginseng contains several active compounds, including antioxidant flavonoids, oxygen-rich polysaccharides, essential oils, and ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are basically powerful plant compounds generally useful to the human body. Each of these compounds contributes to cellular energy metabolism and combined have a positive effect on blood flow and vascular health. It all supports the notion behind ancient healers and herbalists declaring tienchi ginseng as, “more precious than gold.”

Benefits of Tienchi Ginseng for Energy

Tienchi boosts energy and endurance and improves blood flow. Polysaccharides like those in Tienchi are rich in oxygen, an essential component in the final step of cellular energy creation. People experience significant increases in endurance, energy levels, and oxygen levels after taking Panax notiginseng for even thirty days.[1] How does this happen? When you increase oxygen to your cells, your energy naturally increases.

Tienchi also encourages red blood cell production and promotes circulation that delivers oxygen-rich blood to your cells better than Panax ginseng and American ginseng.[2] In addition, it also seems to possess a hemostatic ability that stops internal and external bleeding.[3] It’s basically like a tonic for your blood stream. The better your blood flows, the more oxygen and nutrients get delivered to your cells.

Other Health Benefits of Tienchi Ginseng

Blood sugar support is necessary in this day and age, with metabolic syndrome running rampant in the developed world. Tienchi ginseng is a powerful adjunct in insulin resistance — a hallmark symptom of metabolic syndrome. Tienchi can even lower blood sugar by encouraging glucose absorption, reduce irritation associated with diabetes, improve insulin response, and has anti-obesity properties.[4] It may also lower blood pressure and helps improve male fertility.

Do you use Tienchi ginseng? Share your experience with us below.

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