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Modern-day dietary supplements — particularly herbal supplements — have remained controversial since their inception. Proponents tout that herbal supplements, because of their concentration, are extremely potent and helpful for supporting a wide range of body functions. Those who oppose herbal supplements, on the other hand, claim these products may pose a significant health concern, especially if they contain any level of bacteria. While many herbal supplements do display measurable levels of bacteria counts, particularly in roots such as turmeric and ginger, these bacteria levels may actually be relatively benign if […]

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In some ways, a healthy human body can be likened to a fine-tuned, quality engine. A solid engine is more than mechanically sound, it has also been given the proper fluids and fuels necessary to operate. It might have gas, but without oil, there will be concerns. Conversely, adequate oil and inadequate gas is also a recipe for disaster. Your body is similar, it needs calories (fuel) for operating energy, but it also needs quality calories with certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the proper proportions. (more…)

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that's involved with a lot of important processes in the human body. [1] Food is the primary source for this nutrient, with supplements being the secondary source for some people. Vitamin B12 is structurally the largest and most complex of all the vitamins known to man. Interestingly enough, vitamin B12 is integral to normal energy metabolism in all cells of the body as well as amino acid and fatty acid metabolism. Additionally, B12 is extremely important in a myriad of other vital physiological processes […]

Thyroid concerns affects millions of people around the world, including those in industrialized countries such as the United States. The conditions resulting from thyroid concerns can be extremely serious. As a regulator of hormone production and metabolism, the thyroid needs to function properly to maintain good health. The good news is, there are nutritional steps you can take to help support your thyroid. The thyroid needs very specific nutrients to maintain proper function. First and foremost is iodine. Selenium has also been recognized recently as a necessary component of thyroid […]