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Introduction If you haven’t put the incredible health benefits of boron to work for you, you’ve been missing out. After all, boron is one of the micronutrient powerhouses known for its ability to reinvigorate wellness from head to toe. However, before you reach for a supplement bottle, there’s one thing you should know… The type of boron you choose makes a big difference. That’s because traditional boron supplements, or even ones that claim to be liposomal, just don’t offer the level so effectiveness and bioavailability you need to get the […]

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Former first lady, Rosalynn Carter has said, "There are only four kinds of people in this world: Those who have been caregivers; Those who are currently caregivers; Those who will be caregivers; and Those who will need caregivers." (more…)

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Global Healing Names New CEO & President Global Healing, a leader in the natural health industry, announces the appointment of former President Julio Torres to the role of CEO. Molly Latham, who currently serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will jointly assume the duties of President and CFO. Dr. Edward Group III, DC, the founder of Global Healing, will step down as CEO and serve as Chairman and Advisor, focusing on education initiatives, speaking engagements, and innovation projects. Mr. Torres, who has been with Global Healing for 19 years, is […]

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The connection between nature and mental health is not just a passing trend, but a fundamental aspect of our well-being. We spend most of our time in artificial environments, life office cubicles, shopping malls, and concrete jungles. When we are overly exposed to artificial environments and pollutants, our bodies may not have a chance to restore themselves. Additionally, the lack of natural light can disrupt our circadian rhythms, leading to sleep disturbance and fatigue. Mentally, when we disconnect from nature, research shows an increase in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and […]

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Mental wellness plays a significant role in the workplace, as it impacts an individual's ability to perform daily tasks, manage workload, and deal with stress effectively. Given the demands of modern jobs, it is common for individuals to experience burnout when they overlook their mental wellbeing. This can result in exhaustion, reduced productivity, and decreased job satisfaction. It is therefore crucial to understand the signs of poor mental health while working.Recognizing the signs while workingHere are a few common signs of stress in the workplace:Physical Symptoms HeadachesFatigueStomach problemsEmotional ChangesIrritabilityAnxietyFeeling overwhelmedPoor […]

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