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Once children start consuming solid food, life-long eating habits begin to take root. What they learn from parents, friends, and others will shape the way they eat. This means that even when a child is young, nutritional education is extremely important for laying the groundwork for their habits and health. And, the evidence is clear, children who consume a nutritious diet at a young age are likely to stick with it and have a greater chance of avoiding health concerns later on in life. There is no question that a […]

With similarities to toxins like bromine, fluorine, and radioactive iodine, perchlorate has gained a lot of attention in recent years. It's a chemical commonly used in rocket fuel, explosives, fireworks, batteries, bleaches, fertilizers, and airbags; and that barely scratches the surface. Perchlorate has completely proliferated the environment and the health consequences are disastrous. The following facts about perchlorate will shock you and give you strong reason to take the necessary steps to protect your health. Top Facts About Perchlorate 1. Perchlorate is Absolutely a Known Toxin By all accounts, perchlorate […]

Obesity has been called a plague of the modern Western World. Each year in the United States alone, obesity is directly or indirectly responsible for billions of dollars of preventable medical treatment, and billions more are lost due to its negative impact on workplace output [1]. (more…)