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Have you ever noticed how a new shower curtain smells? There is a distinctive odor in shower curtains pulled fresh from the packaging. This noxious odor is plastic softener, a potently hazardous chemical compound that may do more than soften shower curtains. (more…)

The other day, a colleague of mine sent me over the results from a recent study that sghows a link between higher body mass index (BMI) in toddlers, and the mothers' prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants, such as pesticides found on the foods we eat [1]. The study, conducted by the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, concluded that there is a direct link between prenatal chemical exposure and birth weight/length. Sadly, this is yet another example of the growing amount of scientific data supporting the knowledge that toxic chemicals are all […]

The insulation in your home can go a long way in regulating temperature, controlling sound, and lowering energy costs. The trouble with conventional insulation is that it can contain chemicals and other unnatural compounds that've been linked to negative health concerns. [1] Fortunately, natural insulation options are becoming increasingly available, and include products made from cotton, hemp, and natural elements. (more…)

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For a long time in our history, using lead to produce various everyday items was common. Largely because of how easy it was to work with. It wasn't odd to go into a well-to-do 17th-century home and eat off of a lead plate or pour water from a lead jug. Eventually people realized it was toxic, and its use declined. Flash forward to the 21st century: lead may not be in as many things, but it’s still a threat, so here are 8 horrible things you should know about this […]

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Not long ago, I discussed 12 ways toxins are sneaking into your life, and while I briefly mentioned the health dangers of flame-retardants, that was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s been a lot of talk lately about these chemicals: namely, that they don’t work as well as claimed. There’s even data suggesting that items treated with flame retardants and those untreated tend to burn at the same rate. So what benefits, if any, are these chemicals providing for us? [1] Well, they’re certainly not helping, and here are […]