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Global Healing Names New CEO & President Global Healing, a leader in the natural health industry, announces the appointment of former President Julio Torres to the role of CEO. Molly Latham, who currently serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will jointly assume the duties of President and CFO. Dr. Edward Group III, DC, the founder of Global Healing, will step down as CEO and serve as Chairman and Advisor, focusing on education initiatives, speaking engagements, and innovation projects. Mr. Torres, who has been with Global Healing for 19 years, is […]

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On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, I joined Nancy Desjardins, founder and author of HealthLady.com, for a live telecast where I shared my organic methods on identifying and eliminating toxins from the home. (more…)

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Dear Secretary Price, My name is Dr. Group, DC, I am the founder and CEO of Global Healing. I would like to congratulate you on your new appointment. As our new Secretary of Health and Human Services, you have the privilege and responsibility of making the most important decisions about the health of all Americans. The most significant way to make America great again is to make America healthy again. Secretary Price, America needs an independent advisory committee to advocate for disease prevention and the implementation of proven natural remedies […]