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Can Iodine Help With Hair Loss?

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Two hair combs on a table. To avoid hair loss, try to fuse iodine into your diet. Iodine helps with hair strength and growth.

It is clear that the micronutrient iodine is a key essential element for the normal growth and development in all of the body's organ and tissue systems.

Iodine, plus iron, magnesium, and zinc, are often considered the best "hair growth minerals" you can take. If you are currently experiencing hair loss, it may be a good idea to supplement with these, as thinning tresses is one of the most common signs of a mineral deficiency, particularly iodine.

Iodine and Hair Loss

The thyroid gland relies on iodine to make the hormones necessary for the growth of healthy hair, teeth, and bones. When we are deficient in this nutrient, the health of our hair is affected, leading to hair weakness or even total hair loss. Taking a safe nascent iodine supplement may boost hair health and growth in the case of iodine deficiency.

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Iodine and Hair Loss

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Historically, farmers understood the relationship between iodine and the health of an animal's coat. Sheep farmers noticed that iodine-poor soils produced iodine-deficient plants, which produced iodine-deficient sheep. These sheep, consequently, produced the least amount and poorest quality wool — which, of course, is their hair. It stands to reason that human beings are just as affected by iodine-poor soil and plants as animals are. Could your hair loss also be related to this decline?

Iodine is a key element for hair strength and growth. While we may get some synthetic iodine in table salt, our body has a hard time assimilating it. Eating iodine-rich foods or taking a nascent form of iodine may help prevent deficiencies, thus reversing or preventing hair loss.

Taking an Iodine Supplement for Hair Loss

Supplement with a high-quality, nascent iodine supplement, such as Detoxadine®. This supplement provides you with more than the recommended daily allowance of iodine in a nano-colloidal state for maximum absorption.

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Watch an In-Depth Video on Everything You Need to Know About Iodine

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