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Toxic Metal Cleanse

Introduction In recent decades, more and more of us have realized the value of adopting a healthy lifestyle. From eating organic produce to sticking with grass-fed meat and getting our daily exercise, going healthy has become our way to stay at our best and slow down our biological aging. However, there’s one health danger that most of us have overlooked that has been secretly ravaging our bodies – heavy metals. In fact, daily exposure to heavy metals from industrial waste, air and water pollution, medicines, foods and more has been […]

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Introduction Each and every day, your body is exposed to toxic heavy metals. These metals are lurking it the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. They can be found in your workplace and hiding in your yard. And as they build up in your body, your health suffers. That’s why in this article we’ll delve into the most common heavy metals that can cause problems in your body, how you’re exposed to them and the signs that show you need a heavy metal detox. […]

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Introduction It’s no secret that your body needs calcium. After all, without enough calcium, you can end up exhausted and dizzy, with brittle bones, weak teeth, brain fog and muscle pain and spasms. That’s why it’s so important to get enough calcium on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all calcium ends up in the right place – such as your bones. In fact, calcium can buildup in your arteries and small blood vessels, leading to plaques that block blood flow, raise your blood pressure and put a serious strain on […]

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Today I'm going to discuss how you could achieve a clean and healthy body and a toxin-free home without feeling tired, sick, overwhelmed or even spending a lot of money. Make sure you watch the full video or read the transcript below so that you can get the secrets I use for detoxing my body and home. You’ll also receive free information at the end that's going to help you with this process. Family Detox | Create a Toxin-Free Home and FamilyLength: 9 minutes How Toxins Have Shaped Our Lives […]

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When you think about detoxing, you probably think about detox diets, colon cleansing, or fasting. But, in recent years, detoxing through the feet has gained popularity. Proponents say foot detox therapy eliminates toxins from the body, increases energy, offers immune support, and improves overall health and well-being. However, foot detoxes are not without controversy. Does detoxing through your feet really work, and are there any side effects? What different techniques exist for a foot detox? Read on for answers to these questions and more. (more…)