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Family Detox: How to Cultivate a Toxin-Free Home & Lifestyle

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

Today I'm going to discuss how you could achieve a clean and healthy body and a toxin-free home without feeling tired, sick, overwhelmed or even spending a lot of money.

Make sure you watch the full video or read the transcript below so that you can get the secrets I use for detoxing my body and home. You’ll also receive free information at the end that's going to help you with this process.

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Family Detox | Create a Toxin-Free Home and Family

Length: 9 minutes

How Toxins Have Shaped Our Lives

Of all the chemicals found in personal care products, 884 are toxic. Since 1950, at least 80,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. A hundred fifty chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders.

Until a child is approximately 13 months of age, they have no ability to fight the biological and neurological effects of toxic chemicals. This is how important it is to detox your family, detox your home, and detox your body.

My Client’s Story

I could tell you one story of a lady that was extremely ill years ago and we went into her home — like the old school doctors used to do. Years ago, in order to evaluate someone’s life, you had to look at their lifestyle. You needed to find out what could be causing their disease.

I'm always a big fan of looking at the root cause of your health conditions and then determining what causes those.

So we went into her house, and she said that she didn't have anything going on in her house. She was suffering from asthma, as well as a whole list of other things she was suffering from.

As soon as we walked in her home, I looked up, and what do I see? Black mold all over the air conditioner vents. We went to her kitchen and she had all kinds of toxic foods and beverages in her house. She was sleeping at night with her computer on her lap and her cell phone next to her. All of these things have to be evaluated to live and to create a happy, healthy family.

Why You Need to Perform a Family Detox

So, why should you take the time and effort to do a family detox? It’s a big issue when you look at the root cause of why people are suffering from all of their health conditions, their pains, their stress, their anxiety, and everything else that they're suffering from.

Where is it all coming from?

Well, it's coming from the accumulation of these things into your body from the food, the air, the water, the chemicals, the environment in which you live. And that's why it's so important to learn these things.

Learn what's toxic around your home, learn what's toxic going into your body, and teach your children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only live a healthy lifestyle, but how to properly detoxify your home and your body on a regular basis.

And what does this do? It creates a more happy home environment. It creates clean air to breathe inside your home. It creates clean food to eat. It creates clean water to drink. All these things are a source of the chemicals and toxins you might be consuming on a daily basis.

Identify how important sleep is, how important it is to protect yourself from all the electromagnetic frequencies, how important it is to avoid some of the toxic beverages like fruit drinks, sugary drinks, energy drinks, and non-organic coffee.

How can you reduce the amount of times that you go out to eat? You know, think about the family time that you can have together all cooking a nice organic meal. Most restaurants are going to be using tap water to cook their food.

Steps to Perform a Family Detox

There are many ways to perform a toxin-free detox, but let’s start with simple changes.

You have to also detox your lifestyle, and look at what in your lifestyle is causing you to consume toxic compounds.

One thing my family and I like to do is start off every morning with one big organic green juice. You know, juicing is another fun thing. If you don't have a juicer in your house, you should probably get a juicer. There are good juicers out there, and also slow juicers work well too. But it's great if you can get in the habit of just having that first green juice every morning.

Also, go through your kitchen, looking at the things that are toxic in your kitchen. Avoiding any processed food. Get rid of your microwave. Reduce the amount of gluten that you're consuming, and reduce the amount of red meat that you're consuming in your diet.

One of the things that I love about my house, and one of the things that I love to do when I consult with people about how they can green their home or make their home a more living, healthy environment is putting live plants in the home. Plants release oxygen. They absorb carbon dioxide. They actually absorb a lot of the chemicals and toxins that might be floating in the air.

Have you ever looked at the sun coming through your window? And you see all that stuff in the air? That's what people are breathing every single day, that's what your kids are breathing.

There's been studies that have come out that show indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air. You really have to pay attention and go through your whole home.

Look at the cleaning supplies you're using. Switch to green cleaning supplies.

Look at how you can either install a whole house water purification system or a showerhead purification system. They make showerheads now that will purify the water coming out, so at least you can take showers in pure water. That way you're avoiding all the chemicals in the water that can get into your clothes when in the washing machine and get onto your dishes in the dishwasher.

People ask me all the time, if I'm going to do something in my home, if I'm going to detox my home, what's the most important area to start in? And I always say the bedroom.

Hopefully, you're spending seven to nine hours every single day getting a lot of sleep. It's very important to be clean and green and have a happy and healthy bedroom.

How do we do that?

We take all the chemicals and toxins out of the bedroom. We start with an organic mattress, organic sheets, organic pillows. We take all of the electronics out of the bedroom. We make sure the bedroom is completely dark so you can sleep soundly. We take any noises out of the bedroom, and we put fresh plants in the bedroom as well.

Next up is cleaning and detoxifying the bathrooms. Almost all personal care products are toxic.

Detoxifying your emotions is also something that people forget to do. A great thing that we do as a family is a meditation in the morning. It clears your emotions for the day and puts you in a positive state. You say what you're thankful for, and you start the day off positive. Another big tip is to limit video games. That is a way to detoxify the mind and detoxify the home.

Top Tips for Detoxifying Your Family

My number one tip for keeping my family healthy and happy is always keeping the gut and the digestive system clean and healthy.

That is where all the toxins end up entering your body anyway. These toxins end up causing all the negative health conditions.

So if you do one thing, make sure that your kids, your husband, your wife, and your family always keeps their intestines clean, eating healthy foods and doing a detox regularly.

My definition of health is that it's not what you choose to do, it's what you choose not to do. That means choosing not to eat that extra piece of cake, choosing not to order that pizza late at night and eat it, choosing not to stay up and watch that extra movie.

Those choices are the difference between you being healthy or unhealthy. So, use your mind, use your power, and choose the right things to be happy and healthy.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.


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