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Update on I-522: The Fight for GMO Labeling

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Yes on 522 – Label Genetically Engineered Foods!

There's an initiative on Washington's November 5 ballot that deserves our attention. It's I-522 and it will require that genetically engineered foods be labeled. If you're in Washington, it's very important to understand the opportunity that's being presented. If you're not in Washington, it's important to follow this initiative as it's sure to set the tone for the other states that follow. The fight to require full disclosure from the food companies has been long and hard but this is the chance we've been waiting for. Let's take advantage of it!

We're already ahead of the game, the latest poll shows that 66% of Washington voters lean toward voting YES on I-522. This is good news but we can't set things on cruise control just yet. The Biotech Bullies and Junk Food Giants are ramping up a campaign and filling their coffers in an attempt to stop this movement dead.

We need everyone, including you, on board. Especially this week – National I-522 Solidarity Week. The YES on I-522 campaign has nearly 36,000 endorsements and is shooting for 50,000 by midnight Sunday.

Other ways you can help:

Let's come together and detox our lives of GMO's!

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