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Are Supermarkets Designed to Make You Sick?

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

It's a fairly common, and perhaps trendy, habit for some people to bash large, big-box, retail stores. We currently have an ongoing example of this in Houston right now. The general complaint is that these companies are simply tools of mass distribution, over consumption, and real life examples of buying habits gone haywire. Quite frankly, there is, arguably, a lot of truth in those criticisms.

What many people may not realize though, is that their "local", large, we-got-it-all grocery store is a very similar shopping experience, constructed in similar fashion, and operated the same way.

Think about it, for the weekly or monthly supply of consumables, the grocery store is where most people run. Food, cleaning supplies, household product, toiletries, the pharmacy… Grocery Inc. has it all and can be that convenient one stop shop.

But, does it really provide the best options? Jennie Wilson, consultant, researcher, and author of the blog, "Simple Food Remedies," says no. I recently saw this video in which she breaks down the concept of the large, corporate, production-heavy-presentation grocery store and makes the assertion that they are simply part of the processed, no-nutrient food concern

It's hard to argue with what she says. A walk down the aisles of most grocery stores will present you with mountains of processed food, all beautifully displayed in nice packaging designed to stimulate your visual senses in many different ways. However, what they lack is a focus, that extends beyond surface buzzwords, of the foods nutritional value. And, certainly, most also lack the actual nutritional value itself.

The produce section usually has the least adulterated food, but even then if the options aren’t organic or locally grown, they are less than ideal.

The solution to the concern is simple, buy and consume real, whole, organic food. Find local farmers who are producing food, naturally, right in your area, and support them. The website www.LocalHarvest.org lists farmers market locations across the country. This can be very helpful, not only to find the market closest to you, but also while traveling. Seize the opportunity to visit a local farmer's market on your away-from-home vacation, it can be a real treat to experience locally grown food away from your locale.

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