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Bifidobacterium lactis: A Healthy Probiotic Strain

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
A jar of yogurt. Bifidobacterium lactis probiotic strains can help boost the immune system.

Are you aware of the huge list of benefits probiotics can provide for the human body? Bifidobacterium lactis, or B. lactis for short, is just one of the many bacterial strains found to promote overall health and well being. Whether it’s supporting digestion, boosting immune health, or easing anxiety, this powerful probiotic is essential if you’re wanting to experience good health. The family of lactic acid bacteria, in general, is something you’re definitely going to want to learn about.

The Health Benefits of Bifidobacterium lactis

Even though there are over a dozen probiotic strains, Bifidobacterium lactis is one of the most versatile and hardest working for the human body. Similarly to other strains, this lactic acid bacteria can help fight lactose intolerance and boost the immune system. [1] In addition to these benefits, B. lactis may also support healthy cholesterol levels, ease ulcerative colitis, and even combat the effects of celiac disease. [2] With benefits like these, you’re probably motivated to include it in your diet more than ever. Thankfully, you can find B. lactis in fermented dairy products and fermented vegetables.

Not only can Bifidobacterium lactis help digest lactose, it's an integral aspect of supporting overall digestion of all sugars, fibers, and macronutrients. In addition to these benefits, B. lactis may also help reduce the occurrence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. This can be a huge help in the case of emergencies when antibiotics may be necessary. One study also shows B. lactis as beneficial against respiratory ailments and infections. [3] It's role in bowel health should also be noted. In fact, in combination with other probiotic strains as well as prebiotics, B. lactis could prove helpful in the support of proper bowel movements and overall bowel health. [4]

Be Proactive About Your Health

Many people focus on what not to eat, but many people don’t realize it’s just as important to consider what you should be consuming daily. By incorporating probiotics into your diet, you can add extra assistance to your health. Be sure you’re also consuming prebiotics in addition to probiotics, and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, like pesticides, that may interfere with proper probiotic development. If you need to, try supplementing with probiotics to ensure you are receiving enough. Currently, I use and recommend Global Healing's Ultimate Probiotic. This is a powerful supplement that provides you with 25 strains of probiotics as well as prebiotics.

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