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Boost Immunity Now: 3 Reasons Why You Should Water Fast

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
A man pouring water from a jug to a cup in a kitchen setting.

Did you know that the root cause of disease is simply having too many chemicals and toxins — which you are exposed to in the environment — coming into your body? This is why people are suffering from so many things these days.

In this series, you will learn about all things detox and fasting. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more information on things like, how to detox your house, how to detox your body, how to fast properly, and most importantly, how to live healthy every single day.

Also, in light of the recent emergency events around the world, many of you are worried about your immunity. You may want to know how to boost your immune system and to ensure that you're prepared and your family is prepared in case something happens. You can learn more about that on our channel!

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Boost Immunity! 3 Reasons Why You Should Water Fast

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So before you start your water fast, I would recommend that you watch my water fasting journey.

The most common question people ask me about water fasting is: why? Why would somebody stop eating food and drink only water? What does it do to the body? How can it heal the body?

Why Do People Fast?

Water fasting has been used for thousands of years to cleanse and detoxify and give the body what it needs — which is energy to seek out and destroy any abnormal tissue and to heal itself very, very rapidly.

Some people fast for religious reasons, some people do it to bring awareness to a cause, but we're going to be talking about water-only fasting for the direct effect it has on your health.

And today I'm going to talk about three different reasons people water fast: weight loss, autophagy (self-healing), and immunity.

Water fasting has been proven to basically allow your own body to heal. We all have a self-healing mechanism; we all have the ability to heal. We have the best medicine inside our own bodies. It's not outside, it's inside. We just don't have that faith in ourselves yet. We don't have that confidence that we know how to heal ourselves.

1. Fasting for Weight Loss

Most people that have had a hard time losing weight, they do water-only fasting for rapid weight loss. And the reason why water-only fasting works so effectively is, after the three days it takes to get through all of your glucose stores, to get through all of that sugar in your body, then your body actually flips, and it goes into what's called ketosis. And that's when your body starts burning ketones for fuel. And when your body starts burning ketones for fuel, that's when you get that really rapid weight loss.

In other words, you're only drinking water. And when I talk about water-only fasting, that doesn't mean I'm drinking water with lemon juice, or I'm drinking water and taking supplements at the same time. When you do water-only fasting, your digestive tract has to stop working.

Right now, we eat ten times the amount of food that we need to survive. Most of the energy that our bodies produce is used for the digestive process, so when you're talking about weight loss, when you start getting to that third day — that's 72 hours — and your body flips into ketosis, your body is going to start chewing up and eating all of those fat cells. And you're going to start losing a lot of fat.

The beautiful thing about that is you won't be losing a lot of muscle mass. The body just focuses on fat or abnormal tissue.

How long do you do a water-only fast for weight loss? That's up to you. I always recommend you do your research, watch some videos, read, understand about water-only fasting, look at our information on water-only fasting, watch all my YouTube videos on water-only fasting, and get a good understanding of what it might feel like.

It's not easy to go through those first three days, but once you make it to that fourth day, then you're really going to be burning fat. And you could even go into a ketosis-type diet (keto diet) after that.

2. Fasting for Autophagy or Self-Healing

So, the second reason people fast is for autophagy. And the simple way to explain that is it's when your body starts healing itself. And that means if you have any abnormal tissue, or if you have aging cells, or if you're just fatigued, what happens when you shut down the digestive process. Then the body has all the energy it needs to start the healing process.

The body actually knows what to work on first. So, if you have any type of neurodegenerative issue, if you have chemicals and toxins in your brain that need to be removed, if your liver is congested, or your bowel needs help, the beautiful thing about autophagy is that the body instinctively knows what to focus on first. And that means that your body just starts the process of healing that tissue, and healing that tissue, and healing that tissue. The interesting thing is that, with autophagy, the body actually feeds itself.

You would think there's no food coming in, yet it's a very strange phenomenon when you only drink water. After about that fourth day, when your body goes into that cellular regeneration phase, any of the situations that you may have been suffering from, the body just automatically knows and starts regenerating those and starts fixing those.

We normally have dead cells in our body every day — a pound or two pounds of dead cells. When your body is in autophagy, your cells will actually recirculate your nutrients, your proteins, your fats, everything it needs. So you won't have a nutrient deficiency during fasting.

Another great thing when your body goes into autophagy is that around the fourth or fifth day your energy levels come up.

However, I will say this, when you're doing serious water-only fasting, you should be in the mindset of "no stress." You should rest as much as possible because you want to allow healing and conserve as much energy as you possibly can.

3. Fasting for Immunity

The third reason why — and considering the state that we're in right now which is a medical emergency — there is no faster way to boost your immune system than a 72-hour water-only fast.

There was a study done by USC [University of Southern California]. In the study, the individuals started producing immune stem cells, and their immune system completely regenerated during the 72-hour water fast. Now, I've been in this business for close to 25 years. There's nothing, no product, anything that any doctor has come up with that can create immune stem cells and regenerate your immune system in 72 hours.

To me, if something were to ever happen, if I was to get sick, if I was in an emergency situation, anytime, if I had a fever, I would fast. I always do water-only fasting because it's the fastest way to get your body back into shape. Think about it, it's all common sense. If you know that the more stuff you put into your body, beverages, food, stuff like that is going to take energy from your body, but if you only drink water, well guess what?

The body has all of its energy stores to fight off any type of harmful organism, or to heal your system. And when your immune cells are weak, when they're frail because you have so much toxic buildup in your system like most people do, your immune system can suffer. I actually think most people's immune systems right now are only working around 30 to 45 percent.

Points to Remember

And those are the three reasons why I recommend water fasting — weight loss, autophagy or self-healing, and boosting immunity. Listen to your body. And if you experience any complications, seek medical attention.

You want to make sure you have a good knowledge of water-only fasting before you start. I always recommend before you do water-only fasting, it's a great idea to actually cleanse your body first — I'm not talking about an emergency situation, but if you're doing water-only fasting for anything else.

Start with an intestinal cleanse. Everything starts in the gut, all disease starts in the gut, all health begins in the gut. Then move on to liver cleansing, then move on to harmful organism cleansing, then move on to chemical and heavy metal cleansing.

All we're doing is detoxifying your body so your self-healing mechanism can take over, and you could start healing your body again.

Now, given the current worldwide situation, I've had a lot of people ask me, what are you doing right now to boost your immune system? So I put together a list of the best ways you can keep your immune system strong. The Emergency Immune Strengthening Guide is full of invaluable ways to protect yourself and your family. It's exactly what I do if I start feeling sick. Make sure you click the link to get your free Emergency Immunity Strengthening Guide that you can pass out and share with everybody you know.

Don't forget you have the power to heal, and live happily and live healthy!

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.


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