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Our Philosophy Behind Global Healing’s Aloe Vera – Global Healing

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Global Healing's Aloe Vera capsules on a wooden spoon. Global Healing's Aloe Vera is an aloe vera supplement with the highest amount of acemannan.

It is our goal to create the best, natural health products and supplements and I’m excited about our latest creation – Global Healing's Aloe Vera. Global Healing's Aloe Vera is 100% organic inner leaf aloe powder encapsulated in vegetarian capsules. It truly is the gold standard for aloe vera supplements.

The self-healing mechanisms the human body possesses are nothing short of incredible, especially with proper nutrition. Global Healing's Aloe Vera supports these processes by harnessing the nutritional benefits of aloe vera.

Purifying the body is a pillar of our philosophy here at Global Healing. Aloe vera promotes natural detoxification of both the digestive and circulatory systems.[1] Unhampered digestion makes it so your body can better absorb nutrients. As nutrient absorption accelerates, circulation improves and provides more oxygen-rich blood to cells. Well-oxygenated cells help strengthen your immune system.[2]

Global Healing's Aloe Vera: Benefits of Aloe Vera

Around the world, aloe is known to offer a variety of health benefits, both external and internal. Aloe vera has a well-deserved reputation as a topical remedy for burns, small cuts, and other skin injuries. In the U.S., aloe vera is a popular way to soothe a sunburn. Global Healing's Aloe Vera takes full advantage of these and other powerful capabilities of aloe.

Aloe Vera Nutrition: What Makes Global Healing's Aloe Vera More Effective?

There are a number of ways you can take aloe – juices, lotions, balms, powders... you can even consume the pulped leaf of the plant. Of the many options, I find aloe capsules to be the most convenient. Juices are bulky, need refrigeration, and usually contain sugar and preservatives. It’s probably not a good idea to consume most lotions and the raw leaf tastes very bitter.

Global Healing's Aloe Vera is made with bioavailable, organic, inner leaf aloe powder to provide the highest amount of acemannan available anywhere. Acemannan is the main, active compound that supports the immune system and gut health. Global Healing's Aloe Vera is also 100% free of aloin, a compound found in aloe that can produce a harsh, laxative effect.

Global Healing's Aloe Vera: Our Commitment to Excellence

We began developing Global Healing's Aloe Vera with the goal of concentrating aloe vera’s nutrients into a potent, easy-to-take capsule. Not only have we created the most convenient aloe supplement, but the strongest and most effective.

Global Healing's Aloe Vera is a product of superior quality and even inspired our new logo; the entire process reaffirmed our commitment to delivering the highest quality products for healthy living. I’m excited to introduce Global Healing's Aloe Vera and encourage you to click here to learn more about our incredible aloe vera product.

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