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Simple Reminders by Bryant McGill

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

Just as regular cleansing of your body is important for your health, cleansing your mind and your heart is integral to living a whole, fulfilling life. Bryant McGill, one of the leading experts in inspirational living, is someone I look to for inspiration and now, he’s got a brand-new book on finding your life’s purpose. The book is currently in pre-order mode but I’ve seen part of it and I can tell you it’s perfect for self discovery and emotional healing. You’re going to get to know yourself at a whole new level.

If you are wanting to transition into a higher level of health and success for 2015 and beyond, I suggest you pre-order “Simple Reminders” today. It’s a total steal at $1.99 (regularly $9.99) and is full of helpful quotes and stories that have been helpful to millions. Without a doubt, it’ll help you discover the practical steps you can take right now to transform your life. You can pre-order right here.

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