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The Top 5 Herbs for Anti-Aging Benefits

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Ginseng is one of the best herbs for anti-aging benefits.

Aging is a fact of life, and none of us are getting younger. But, if you're active in your efforts, there are several ways to slow down the effects and age gracefully. Many of which are non-invasive methods that'll help your skin look vibrant and healthy, and these five incredible herbs are among the best ways to achieve that.

Best Herbs for Anti-Aging

  • Ginseng
  • Bilberry
  • Gotu Kola
  • Turmeric
  • Vitamin D3

1. Ginseng

Probably the most popular and common form of ginseng include Korean (Panax) ginseng, but there's also Siberian ginseng (Eleuthero) and Indian ginseng (also called ashwagandha). All are excellent at helping the body adapt to different situations and, thus, reducing the effects of stress — that's why they're called adaptogens. Increased stamina and heightened mental and physical performance are also commonly reported.

2. Bilberry

Bilberries are small European blueberries that are rich in antioxidants. Research suggests that these berries are an incredible defense against the early signs of aging, including wrinkles and scars. They also reportedly promote healthy vision and eyes — something that's especially beneficial for those concerned about macular degeneration and cataracts.

3. Gotu Kola

This plant is native to India, China, South Africa, and Indonesia, where it has been in use for thousands of years. Often made into a tea, gotu kola reportedly assists with wound healing, mental clarity, and varicose veins. Some reports even suggest it encourages healthy memory and cognitive function.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is the vibrant yellow spice commonly used in curry, and it offers a wealth of benefits. Among them is the ability to support the body's normal response to inflammation and oxidative stress. This means it can protect tissue and discourage wrinkles, scars, and other visible signs of aging. Global Healing offers a certified organic liquid turmeric extract. We formulate this advanced product with our proprietary Raw Herbal Extract technology, preserving the full spectrum of antioxidants naturally found in turmeric. It includes black pepper to ensure maximum absorption.

5. Vitamin D

Though technically not an herb, vitamin D has numerous anti-aging benefits that earn it a spot on the list. While too much sun can accelerate aging, the right amount of sun exposure helps the body produce vitamin D. Vitamin D prolongs cell life and reduces the signs of biological aging. If you don't get out in the sun often, a vitamin D supplement is convenient for ensuring you meet your nutritional requirements. Make sure to get D3, which is the most readily absorbed variety.

6. Bonus! Other Supplements to Consider

Nutritional supplements are a great way to fill the gaps in your diet. There are two I recommend that are helpful for aging. The first is a digestive and systemic enzyme supplement. Many of us start to run low on enzymes before we are even 30, and supplementing is an easy way to stay on top. I take four capsules of Veganzyme® three times daily and experience tremendous anti-aging benefits.

The second supplement I recommend is an antioxidant formula. The effects of aging are primarily due to oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Although there's no way to pause the clock, antioxidants are potent little defenders that neutralize free radicals and minimize the damage they cause. Ultimate Cellular Health is a premium, ultra-high potency formula that provides a blend of the most effective antioxidants, including alpha lipoic acid, astragalus root, and copper.

Treat your body right, and it will treat you right in return. By including helpful herbs in your daily lifestyle, you can encourage a vibrant and long life.

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