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Generation RX & ADHD Drugs

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Generation RX

I feel it is important to let everyone know of a new film which has just been released by award-winning director Kevin P. Miller.

In his new film, Generation RX, Kevin explores the corruption within the medical establishment and the harmful effects our children are receiving from ADHD drugs, antidepressants and anti-psychotic drugs.

I have no doubt that you will be shocked at the research Kevin has uncovered. It is up to us as adults to make the proper choices for our children's future and overall wellbeing.

Once you watch Generation RX, you may second guess some of the decisions you've previously made or are currently considering.

Witness and hear from families that were persuaded by their doctors to prescribe toxic drugs to their children and the sad reality these poor children faced as a result.

Trailer for Generation RX:

Generation RX is a must see video for everyone, especially for parents of children taking ADHD drugs.

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