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What Earth Day Means to Global Healing

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Handful of soil with sprouting green plant.

April 22 is Earth Day — a day to generate appreciation for the Earth. As individuals, it’s an opportunity to reflect on our environmental impact and explore new and creative ways to conserve. On a larger scale, Earth Day reminds us of our collective desire to protect the environment, the Earth, and its resources for future generations. That mindset has directed the development of Global Healing as a company and shaped our offerings to our customers.

At Global Healing, we’re committed to embracing eco-friendly practices at every level for the health of our employees, our customers, and the Earth. We’re proud to say that as we’ve grown, we’ve made significant investments in sustainable and organic materials, efficient energy, and green practices.

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What Earth Day Means to Global Healing

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Green Manufacturing

From start to finish, green manufacturing is one of our top priorities, and it all starts with the ingredients we use to make our products. It’s our mission to use natural ingredients that are organic or wildcrafted. We don’t support harmful, industrial farming practices or the use of toxic pesticides or other chemicals. The majority of our US-made products are vegan, and we don’t engage in animal testing.

Only the best raw materials make it into our cutting-edge production facility, which is the first of its kind. The entire space is lit with natural light from new windows and skylights and energy-efficient LED lights; it’s also powered by 100 percent natural gas. We’ve installed completely natural flooring that doesn’t release toxic chemicals at any point during its production, use, or disposal. All paint and epoxy in the building is VOC-free. Other natural building materials, like wood and granite, are responsibly sourced.

Environmentally Friendly Office

Our Houston office is nestled in a small, shaded preserve that’s home to turtles, ducks, squirrels, raccoons, and native birds. They provide us with the daily reminder that the decisions we make affect our environment and its many inhabitants. Within our office, we try to create a positive and healthy work environment by implementing many green initiatives, including:

  • Using desks made of renewable bamboo.
  • Painting the office with VOC-free paint.
  • Cleaning the office with all-natural and organic plant-based cleaning products.
  • Repairing or recycling old technology whenever possible.
  • Installing motion-activated lights to conserve energy.
  • Using recycled and compostable items in the kitchen.
  • Placing air-detoxifying plants around the office.
  • Using organic cotton for all company-issued apparel.
  • Providing team members with reusable glass mugs, and organic, fair-trade coffee and loose-leaf teas.

Live Every Day Like It’s Earth Day

Making environmentally friendly choices is something everyone can do, and it’s not that difficult. In fact, there are many small initiatives you can take to live every day like it’s Earth Day.

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