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What Is Hydroxocobalamin?

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
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Cobalamin is another name for vitamin B12, an essential nutrient necessary for proper metabolism and energy production. Hydroxocobalamin is a chemical compound with a similar structure to vitamin B12. Even though the human body doesn't produce hydroxocobalamin, bacteria in the digestive tract can convert it into a usable form. Commercial and pharmaceutical versions of hydroxocobalamin also use bacteria to create large volumes of the compound for therapeutic purposes.

Hydroxocobalamin, partially identifiable by its red color, plays an integral part in DNA synthesis and supports cell replication. The compound also has an important role in the conversion of harmful homocysteine into beneficial methionine, an essential amino acid. It helps with energy production and is necessary for normal brain function and nervous system function.

A Remedy for B12 Deficiency

Hydroxocobalamin is commonly used to address vitamin B12 deficiency. When the body's reserve of vitamin B12 is low, injections of hydroxocobalamin are often used to restore it. B-12 deficiency is linked to many negative health effects, including neurologic, gastroenterologic, psychiatric, and blood disorders. There's no question it's one of the most important nutrients our bodies require. In one case, an individual suffering from seizures and psychotic symptoms achieved a complete recovery after B12 intervention.[1]

B-12 Deficiency: Causes

Whether you're avoiding animal products or suffering from digestive or absorption issues, you may develop a B12 deficiency. Even meat eaters who constantly consume this essential nutrient may become deficient under certain circumstances. The most common causes of a vitamin B12 deficiency include:

Pernicious Anemia

Pernicious anemia is when the body doesn't absorb B12 and doesn't produce enough red blood cells. People with this condition must regularly receive B12 supplementation. Hydroxocobalamin injection has been traditionally used against pernicious anemia based on research indicating the body more readily retains it.[2] New research has suggested oral ingestion of hydroxocobalamin (or cyanocobalamin) as an alternative option for B12 supplementation.[3]

Strict Vegetarian & Vegan Diets

Individuals who adhere to a strict vegetarian or vegan diet may not receive enough vitamin B12. The vitamin is mostly present in animal-based foods such as meat, eggs, fish, and milk.[4] This places many health-conscious vegetarians and vegans at risk, prompting supplementation as the main avenue through which the nutrient can and should be obtained. Pregnant women who are vegetarians or vegans will also need to supplement, as a deficiency can greatly impact the fetus.[5]

Digestive Malabsorption

If the stomach or small intestine experience functional or structural damage, the body may have trouble absorbing enough vitamin B12 (and other nutrients). People who have celiac disease also have difficulty digesting gluten and absorbing nutrients. Some medical conditions can also prevent the stomach or small intestine from properly secreting intrinsic factor, the intestinal protein necessary for B12 absorption.

Harmful Organisms

Unfriendly organisms in the intestines can reduce the amount of B12 available for absorption. For example, tapeworms can consume large amounts of vitamin B12, leading to a deficiency.[6] A condition like this may lead to gastric atrophy — chronic irritation of the stomach lining. This can result in a loss of gastric cells that produce essential digestive substances necessary for the proper utilization of B12.

Benefits of Hydroxocobalamin

In addition to remedying B12 deficiency, hydroxocobalamin can provide additional benefits to the brain and body.

Remedy for Cyanide Poisoning

In 2006, hydroxocobalamin received approval for use as a treatment for cyanide poisoning. Hydroxocobalamin binds with cyanide molecules to form cyanocobalamin, a B12 vitamer. As a cyanide antidote, hydroxocobalamin has been deemed safe and highly effective.[7]

A Migraine Remedy

Hydroxocobalamin has been identified as a scavenger of nitric oxide, an essential muscle regulator that also acts as a free radical. Too much nitric oxide can actually cause swelling and discomfort, especially in the brain. One study found hydroxocobalamin to be effective for reducing the frequency and duration of migraines.[8]

Points to Remember

The B vitamins are necessary for nerve function, energy production, and metabolic processes inside the body. Do not risk deficiencies of these essential nutrients!

If you are experiencing symptoms related to vitamin B12 deficiency, it is pertinent that you receive testing to make sure your levels are in check. If not, supplementation may be necessary until the proper amount of B12 is established.

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