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5 Food Companies That Don’t Use BPA

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a dangerous, toxic compound used in the lining of food packaging. BPA contaminates food and makes its way into the body to wreak havoc. The brain, endocrine system, and hormones are all affected by BPA, and research shows that this compound is especially dangerous to young children. While you may not be able to avoid all BPA, you can minimize exposure by avoiding companies who use the compound in their products.

5 Companies That Say No to BPA

BPA is something that we should all avoid as much as possible. Not only is this compound a potent neurological and endocrine disruptor, it can linger in the body for quite a while. Canned food items, like canned tomatoes, are a common source of exposure. Here are some companies organized by Mother Nature Network that use BPA-free cans for some, or all, of their food. [1]

1. Eden Foods

Eden Foods has been leading the way in BPA-free cans, storing their beans, rice, and chili products in cans without the compound. Around two-thirds of the company’s tomato products, however, are still sold in BPA-lined cans. The reason for this remains unclear, yet consumers are encouraged to express their desire for all BPA-free cans in the hopes for initiating change.

2. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a Whole Foods-type health food store, often smaller and offering more affordable store-brand products. The tomatoes from Trader Joe's are supposedly stored in glass jars that have lids that contain BPA; however, it is said that this BPA never comes into contact with the food. Many of their cans that are BPA free are labeled as such, helping consumers find safer options.

3. Amy’s

The Amy’s company might be familiar, as many of the company’s vegetarian options are available in most grocery stores all throughout North America. Since 2012, this organic, all-natural food company has transitioned all canned products into BPA-free cans.

4. Bionaturae

Bionaturae isn’t purely known for its canned food, as most of the products sold by the company come in bottles. The company does offer canned tomatoes in cans without BPA.

5. Muir Glen

This company is perhaps widely recognized for its organic canned tomato products. While there is no information available on the website of the company, a representative from the company has stated that the canned products are made with BPA-free cans.

One Final Thought

If you’re wanting to reduce your exposure to BPA even further, reduce canned food consumption (even organic canned foods) and use whole food ingredients as much as possible. Whole foods should contain very little packaging, if any. Detoxing on a regular basis may also help reduce overall toxin load.

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