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Starting a Weight Loss Program?

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
A pencil and a notepad. You can start a weight loss program by simply eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Is there a weight loss program suitable for nearly everyone that follows correct, proven strategies and results in permanent success? Yes! and it's called the Eat Healthy Foods and Exercise Regularly plan! No short cuts included! Forget the empty promises of infomercial gimmicks; forget the "Sea Salt and Paint Chip" diet. There are no magic bullets in this quest for weight loss but it's guaranteed to be effective!

If you're looking for a weight loss program that delivers amazing results in a pill or portion while you sleep, let me save you a little time and a lot of money and deliver a newsflash right now- effortless results don't exist. To get your body in check, re-vitalize your system, halt your aging, and eliminate fat, you don't need a weight loss plan, you need a plan for living.

Change is Only a Decision Away

If you're motivated and willing to make changes in your life, you can have the body weight you want. Take responsibility and stick with it. "I don't really feel like it today" is a phrase you need to eliminate from your vocabulary. It takes 21 days to start or alter a habit, so get going. Start that journey with short-term goals and watch the achievements accumulate! Getting started is the hardest part but you'll soon be on your way to feeling the best you have in years!

But the Commercials on TV are So Convincing

First, turn off the TV. Second, let's cut the nonsense and be serious, thinking adults. Do you honestly believe an exercise plan that consists of shaking a spring with 2 handles on it will give you washboard abs? Is that really one of humanities most protected secrets? Is that how the fitness models REALLY do it? No, no, and no. Fitness models are generally professional exercisers who make their money posing in advertisements that pretend their amazing bodies are a product of purchasing an Ab-Blaster-2000; THAT's the big secret.

What About the Miracle Potions

Unless a product truly is bottled unicorn tears, I would tread with skepticism. The next time you see an advertisement for a weight loss pill or supplement, scrutinize the information it contains. Are they presenting a product as beneficial because of the effective ingredients it contains (if they even mention what it contains) or is the whole thing a student-project-quality mashup of "Sales 101" meets "Beginning Commercial Film Making"? That bottle of pills may have a really neat label but if the main ingredient is rice flour, what do you think the realistic outcome of taking it will be? Or even worse, what if the ingredients aren't harmless do-nothings, but rather dangerous, such as with stimulants? You have to know what you're putting in your body and why. Ignorance is not bliss, don't find out the hard way.

Sensible Supplements Make Sense

Not every weight loss product is encapsulated chalk, there are weight loss supplements that contain ingredients formulated correctly and based on scientific research. These are the products to keep your eye on. Certain herbs contain compounds that stimulate the metabolism, some provide a thermogenic effect, and others can support digestion. As part of an overall weight loss strategy, this is the stuff that may play a legitimate strategic role. Just as important as it is to select a weight loss supplement based on fact, it's also important to invest in a supplement with natural, organic ingredients. Ingredients grown and handled with care will be far more potent than those grown in toxic conditions with contaminated water and improper curing and extracting. Buy based on research, not advertising!

Losing weight is achieved by eating healthy, nutritious foods and exercising your body on a regular basis. Maintaining a healthy body weight happens by turning that short-term effort into your daily plan for life. Eat on purpose, exercise deliberately. If you take a weight loss supplement, make sure you understand what it is and why it's effective. If a healthy body is your first goal, a healthy weight will naturally follow.

Good Luck.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.


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