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Make Your Voice Heard Against This Toxic Endocrine-Disrupting Herbicide!

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

I recently received an email from the Environmental Working Group concerning a new herbicide, Enlist Duo. This toxic product is produced by the Dow Chemical Company, a multinational, multibillion-dollar organization leading the charge in proliferating the food supply with genetically-modified crops. At the moment, the Dow Chemical Company is seeking approval from the EPA to market this herbicide to farmers as a potent weed killer. This herbicide, like so many, offers harm than good by interfering with human health.

The main ingredients in Enlist Duo are 2,4-D and glyphosate, two compounds also present in Monsanto's Roundup. Genetically-engineered, non-organic crops will be subjected to this weed killer if approved by the EPA. Make no mistake, this will cause a toxic assault on the environment. Sticking to organic produce is great for reducing exposure but it's not enough. Herbicides and pesticides can travel through the air to affect other crops, organic crops. The ingredients in Enlist Duo can cause endocrine and reproductive issues, even indirectly.

Who Is At Risk?

More than 5,600 schools are located near corn and soy fields, two crops that are typically genetically modified and typically sprayed with toxic chemicals. This exposes hundreds of thousands of children to a toxic chemical that could negatively affect their endocrine system and future reproductive health. 2,4-D also has the potential to affect dozens of endangered species, honeybees, and other beneficial insects.

You Can Help!

Oregon and Main representatives have already written letters to the EPA and USDA in an effort to reject Dow's application for Enlist Duo's approval. Click here to to contact your state's representative and urge them to take action against this new toxic threat. Not only will you be protecting your own health, you will be standing up against the chemical's effects on the population at large. Your voice, your effort, and your concern are powerful forces that can make a positive change!

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