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Mercury Undercover: A Must-See Documentary

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder

A documentary was recently released that I am a part of. It's called "Mercury Undercover."

This gripping documentary breaks down why mercury is toxic, what mercury poisoning does to your health and what we can do to protect ourselves and future generations. Have you ever wondered how much mercury you encounter in your lifetime? It will surprise you, it will probably shock you.

I am very proud to be one of the film's contributors. Here's a short teaser clip featuring myself.

Teaser Clip

YouTube Video

Documentary Mercury Undercover - How to start detoxing your body from heavy metals

Length: 3 minutes

Trailer for Mercury Undercover

YouTube Video

Documentary Mercury Undercover - Official Trailer

Length: 3 minutes

Mercury Undercover is a doc-film that consists of four acts which illustrates how one can become mercury toxic. In the course of this quest, experts, doctors, scientists, and mercury-poisoned survivors all weigh in and provide perspective. Each act explains different details about how one can become exposed to mercury. Our goal is to create a timeline that shows how our environment gets contaminated from industrial plants and results in polluting the air and rain thus poisoning people, wildlife and seafood and from vaccinations, flu shots, and mercury amalgam fillings.

This groundbreaking DVD is released and ready to change the world. Let me know your thoughts on the film.

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