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You Deserve to Know if Your Food Contains GMOs

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Support Prop. 37

We're coming down to the wire on the November vote on Prop. 37 in California, an initiative to require genetically engineered foods have identifying labels.

The prevalence of GMO ingredients in our food supply is a serious issue. A number of organic and natural living companies, Global Healing included, are joining together to raise awareness and help enact change.

Do you think you should know what ingredients are in your food? A few chemical companies with food industry monopolies, don't think so, and prefer to keep you in the dark.

Major food companies have raised $25 million so far to DEFEAT Prop. 37. Why? If these ingredients were safe and beneficial, wouldn't they be eager to promote them? I think we can all deduce the truth on that one.

What's happening in California is extremely important. This will either be the window of opportunity that is the catalyst to make this change nationwide… or it will be a missed opportunity.

IT IS UP TO US TO CARRY THIS FORWARD! We cannot allow food and chemical companies to continue to mislead the American people. This is a consumer rights issue. If you're a consumer, and you believe in your rights, join the fight and vocally counter the propaganda these companies are pushing out.

Tell your friends, repost the notice, donate some money to the cause, and if you're in California, VOTE!

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