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Environmental Working Group Starts Petition to Keep Azodicarbonamide Out of Food

Written by Dr. Group, DC Founder
Environmental Working Group Azodicarbonamide Petition

There's been a lot of discussion lately about azodicarbonamide, also known as ADA. It's an industrial chemical used in the plastics industry to produce small gas bubbles; almost like carbonated plastic. It's what makes yoga mats and flip flops strong, light, and spongy. However, at some point, some yo-yo minded "food scientist" thought azodicarbonamide's foam producing qualities would make bread better and commercial bakeries began to use it as a dough conditioner to make bread more fluffy. Yuck.

Subway's health conscious image recently crashed and burned when it was discovered their "nutritional" food contained azodicarbonamide. Although they pledged to stop using it, the battle is far from over, for they are not the only offender.

The truth is, so many food companies lace their wares with this toxic garbage that a congressional hearing should be launched to investigate the matter. It's everywhere. Everyday brands like Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Shoprite, Safeway, Smucker's, Fleischman's, Jimmy Dean, Kroger, Little Debbie, Tyson and Wonder put this toxin in the food they produce and sell.

It's time to demand the major brands stop lacing food with azodicarbonamide. It's harmful, has no benefit, and anything other than an immediate cessation of its use is irresponsible, dangerous, and offensive.

The Environmental Working Group has launched a petition to demand that major brands stop using azodicarbonamide. I encourage you to sign it and make your voice heard. You need to speak up, nobody can do it for you.

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